Memory Care

At Brentwood at La Porte, we’ve embraced the latest in dementia care to create a program that maximizes the quality of life for each of our residents.

Despite the progressive nature of Alzheimer's and other dementias, a person's independence, ability to function, and quality of life may be improved through the person-directed living approach. Service plans, life enrichment, and daily living needs are met incorporating the individual's desires and abilities.

A resident enjoying his time painting at Brentwood at La Porte
A resident using a hula hoop at Brentwood at La Porte

Person-Directed Care

The specialized programs, designed and implemented by the Life Enrichment Team, include creative care techniques, methods of intervention that significantly reduce problem behaviors, a special physical environment that promotes optimum functioning, and meaningful 'moments of joy'. Our signature Madeline’s Song Program, features Validation: The Feil Method, which employs music to touch residents on a deep level and enhance communication and can be tailored to each resident’s needs and abilities.

  • With us, your family member experiences top notch memory care and tailored attention, including:
  • A morning mental workout with discussions, brain stimulating games, and reminiscing
  • Physical activity with a variety of opportunities, such as our signature Balance Fitness program, group exercises, walking programs, and dancing
  • Daily life skills, which provide a sense of purpose, meaning and belonging
  • Based on your loved one’s social history, a resident-centered program that honors past interests and involvements in order to tap into current skills and support successful experiences
  • Personal notes recording moments of success that are periodically sent to family members
  • We know residents living with cognitive challenges thrive in a supportive environment, we offer specially designed living spaces for those in memory care. These spaces include:
    • Carefully considered flooring to reduce problematic patterns for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia
    • Wall colors that help memory care residents find their way

Areas of the community that are set up for safe engagement in activities such as gardening, kitchen work, and other life skills